Medi-Manicures & Medi-Pedicures

hands and feet medi-mani medi-pedi

Give your hands and feet the medical-grade TLC they deserve. A medi-mani or medi-pedi is the only way to go.

Have you ever worried about cleanliness at nail salons? At Encore Beauty and Medi Spa we take hygiene very seriously and pay special attention to the sterility of our instruments and foot baths. Let our specially-trained nail technicians give you the experience you deserve. Your hands and feet will thank you!

Gel Manicure on Nude Nails - 1 hour
Gel Removal & Reapplication - Fingernails
Removal without Reapplication - Fingernails
Gel Pedicure on Nude Nails - 45 mins $99
Gel Removal & Reapplication - Toenails - 45 mins $75
Removal without Reapplication - Toenails - 45 mins  $35