Permanent Hair Reduction (IPL)


Permanent hair reduction for your face and body.

IPL is an advanced form of laser hair removal. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a safe and clinically proven way to permanently reduce dark hair on the face and body. We've seen fantastic results in women and men - so come and see us to see how IPL permanent hair reduction can help you too! 

Lip - 10 mins $25
Chin - 10 mins
Sides of Face - 15 mins
Full Face - 20 mins
Under Arms - 10 mins
Female Bikini - 15 mins
Female G-String Bikini - 15 mins
Female Brazilian - 20 mins
Female Half Leg - 25 mins
Male Half Leg - 20 mins
Female Full Leg - 30 mins
Female Forearm - 15 mins
Male Forearm - 20 mins
Female Full Arm - 25 mins
Male Full Arm  $175
Back & Shoulders $229
Female Full Leg, Brazilian & Under Arms Combo $265


Advanced Technology

Our IPL machines use revolutionary technology that combines laser and pulsating light to achieve superior results. Our technology employs low fluence and high average power with super fast pulses (up to 10 Hz, 10 times per second). This reduces the reliance on melanin which means that we can reach lighter, more difficult to treat hairs. We focus on progressively raising the temperature of the sub-dermal layer of the skin, trapping the heat and deactivating the surrounding biological markers for permanent hair reduction.

Pain-Free Permanent Hair Reduction

An added benefit of our advanced machines is that the treatment is relatively pain-free.
So book your appointment with us today - you'll be delighted by the results!